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Greenwood High School participates in the following programs to insure a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff.


  • Closed Campus
    • Students may leave the GHS campus only through a controlled permission process to insure parent knowledge and approval.
  • Crisis Response Plan
    • Trained team members at GHS are available at as moment's notice to initiate planned procedures for dealing with crisis situations.
  • Guidance Counselors
  • I.D. Badges
    • Worn by school and district personnel and visitors with students trained to report adults in the building who are not properly identified.
  • School Resource Officer
    • Funded by the Warren County Sheriff's Department and Warren County Board of Education, GHS has one deputy sheriff assigned to the school by the Sheriff's Department to assist school officials in providing a positive school atmosphere and promoting law enforcement/community relations.
  • School Safety Manual
    • A comprehensive manual developed at the district level and provided to GHS allowing quick access to processes and programs in place and suggested guidelines for dealing consistently with school safety and discipline issues.
  • Video Security System
    • The entrance, parking lot, labs, hallways, and multimedia lab are monitored by video systems.
  • Visitor Sign-In
    • Procedures are used to deny inappropriate access to Greenwood.
  • Voluntary Drug Testing
    • Available for high school athletes and PRIDE Team members with voluntary participation levels exceeding 90%.


  • Early Intervention Facilitator
    • Licensed psychologist whose efforts are focused on assisting troubled youth through problem identification, counseling, planned behavior modification, family intervention strategies and referrals for additional assistance from other mental health care providers
  • In-School Suspension Program (ALC)
    • Provides and alternative disciplinary option to suspension or alternate school placement
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams
    • A focused approach centering around trained professionals, including a school psychologist, who work directly with particularly troubled students and their parents/guardians